The varied media forms such as text, audio, video, graphics and animations that have been grouped together with data forms are collectively known as multimedia. Previously, the task of the computers was to convert numbers and alphabets into 0 and 1. But, nowadays it is not limited to this aspect only. Instead, multimedia is ruling the computer's world. Multimedia can be interactive multimedia too if the timing and mode of media can be controlled by the user. Interactive multimedia is the most alluring part of the computer.


Multimedia is not just limited to just one use. Instead, it has a lot of uses to gain peoples’ interest. It has brought a revolution in the way data can be presented.

So, the uses of multimedia are;


  1. To make Advertisement 

Multimedia plays a key role in the advertisement. It helps to design attractive, eye-catching visuals and audios to attract the customers to its best level.


  1. Designing of Website

Everything available on the web is just multimedia. If you want to make the website more interactive and interesting multimedia is the only option or the main tool. Creative multimedia exploration can give you really cool websites.


  1. Entertainment is not possible without multimedia

Every animated movie, video games, special effects in movies are the real bliss of multimedia only. The entertainment industry is incomplete without multimedia.


  1. To make the education interesting

Smart class, AV presentation, interactive learning are all multimedia tools that are used to make the education system more interesting.


  1. Modernising businesses with Multimedia

Use of advertisements, presentations, web designing, video meetings has literally modernized the business setups.


  1. Medicine facility available in remote areas

With the help of multimedia only online doctor's consultation has become possible in remote areas. People now can access medical help in time.


  1. Engineering is mostly about multimedia

All the software such as; CAD, CAM, Perl aids help in understanding the subject in a much easier way.

Solved Examples

  1. What is multimedia?
  2. What makes the multimedia?
  3. Explain the uses of multimedia.
  4. Explain the use of multimedia in education.
  5. Explain the use of multimedia in business.
  6. Explain the use of multimedia in the entertainment industry

 Components of Multimedia

  • Audio


  • Video 


  • Pictures/Images



  • Animations




An animation is the most important component of the multimedia. The animation in simpler words is the quick display of a series of pictures in 2-D and 3-D format to give an impression of movement in the image. Or we can say animation is an important medium through which images and objects can be changed in such a way that they appear as moving images. In traditional animation, the images were actually drawn by hand on cels to be either photographed or exhibited on film. But, in recent time most animations are made with CGI (Computer-generated imagery). Thus, making everything easier.

Eg all the animated movies are the great work of animation only.



Types of Animation

Traditional Animation/cel animation/hand-drawn animation

It is an animation technique where each frame is drawn by hand. The technique was the dominant form of animation in cinema until the invention of computer animation.


 2-D vector based animation

2D animation creates movement in a two-dimensional artistic space. Creativity and technological skills, both are required to work in the field of 2D animation.



 3-D computer animation

We can say computer animation is the process which is used for generating animated images. Generally, it is also known as computer-generated imagery that contains both static scenes and dynamic images, while the computer animation only refers to the moving images. The Modern computer animation usually uses 3D computer graphics, although 2D computer graphics are still used.



 Motion graphics

Motion graphics are the pieces of digital animation which create the illusion or false effect of motion or rotation. And, that is usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects to give better effects.



 Stop motion

Stop motion is one of the types of animation technique. In which the main motto is to physically change an object so that appears to be moving. The object is not moved to a large increment; instead, a small increment is present in the photographed frame that creates the illusion or false effect of movement when a series of frames is played in a fast sequence.




  1. Name the components of multimedia.
  2. What is animation?
  3. Why is the animation needed?
  4. Mention the types of animation.
  5. What is traditional animation? Explain.
  6. What is a 2-D vector based animation? Explain.
  7. What is a 3-D computer animation? Explain.
  8. What is motion graphics?
  9. What is the stop motion?


  • Multimedia; its definition and its uses.
  • Multimedia components; audio, video, pictures/images and animation.
  • Animation; definition.
  • Animation types; traditional animation, 2-D vector based animation, 3-D computer-based animation, motion graphics and stop motion.